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Adding light to an extension

Posted on by Gwyneth

Are you planning on adding much needed living space to your Llandudno home?


If so, you want as much space as you can, and you want the best design too. There are all kinds of additions and improvements you can make to maximise the extension.


And one area that can make a huge difference to how a space feels and acts is light. Who doesn’t love sunlight flooding in through the window? Not only does it lift the spirits but it also make the space so much warmer and bigger.


When it comes to natural day light however, windows you may be surprised to learn, are not the only choice…


Here at James Neale, we have been helping customers capture as much natural light as possible, with the inclusion of sun tunnels or tubes in their properties. Easy to fit, this simply piece of technology can add around 60 watts of natural light in to a room per tunnel – so three sun tunnels would make an additional 180 watts in a room!


Simply, yet effective


Daylight is captured and then bounced down the sun tunnel into the room below. There are many Llandudno homes that may need the lights on even in the day time but the fitting of a sun tunnel could change all that.


Where can sun tunnels be used?


Perhaps you have a dark spot in the hallway or the stairwell or maybe you just like the idea of more light in an awkwardly lit spot.

Sun tunnels are fixed with an outer ‘window’ on the roof which captures the light that bunces down to the tube into the kitchen, hallways, lounge, dining room, bedroom and so on. In fact, you can place them more of less anywhere in your Llandudno home.


Suitable for businesses too


They are not just for the home but make a great addition in any business too. Again, the cost of installation is off-set by the fact that you can switch the electric light off more often. You will only really need these on during very dull, dark wintery days.



Installation is quick and not as intrusive or stressful as you may think. Why not call us today on 01492 545514?

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