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What is a sun tunnel?

Posted on by Gwyneth

And is this something that could be used at your Colwyn Bay home?


The sun tunnel is an invention that provides dark corners and spots in the home with much needed natural light. Harnessing the simplest of physics and design, you home could be illuminated quickly and simply with this great invention.

What is a sun tunnel?

Sun tube, sun tunnel, sky tube, solar light tube or tunnel, light tunnel and so on are all names for the same thing. Different brands call their products different names but the purpose behind them is the same – the provision of more natural light in difficult to light places, without the need to add electrical lighting.

The idea behind a sun tunnel is to capture sunlight and daylight and reflect down a plastic or reflective aluminium tube into the room or space below. A simple concept that could make a massive difference to your Colwyn Bay home or business.

Two choices


In essence there are two choices to make – either a rigid sun tunnel or a flexible one. Both have been created to fit the different buildings that can be found across the town and surrounding areas.

We all know that in a property there can be an awkward space, with poor or awkward access to the roof space. In this instance, the flexible sun tunnel is the best option.

Rigid sun tunnels, simply because they are straight, bounce more light in to a space that its flexible tunnel counterpart and can be more expensive.

Worth the investment?


Sun tunnels work. They can give surprising and very welcome results in spaces that can be dark and awkward to light. They are safe and secure, requiring little if any maintenance and when fitted by a professional company with experience of this simple, yet effective ‘technology’, the results are guaranteed.

How much light you get from them depends ton two factors:

How much light can I gain?

Different manufacturers measure their sun tunnel outputs in different ways but as a guide, each tunnel can cast the equivalent of a 60 watt bulb. This will vary on a daily basis, size of tube and so on but, you will have more light in any space where a sun tunnel is fitted.

Want to know more? Sun tunnels are a great way of adding light in to a home and here at James Neale we only use the highest quality sun tunnels from the well-known manufacturer, Velux. Call us on 01492 545514 for a free, onsite quotation.

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