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Planning a conservatory at your North Wales home?

Posted on by Gwyneth

Permitted Development Rights in Wales differ slightly to those in England thus, if you are planning on adding or altering a conservatory at your North Wales home, it pays to know what you can and cannot do.

New regulations came in to force on 30 September 2013 which brought about some of these changes. You can access householder and technical guides of the Welsh Government website; alternatively, call James Neale on 01492 545514 or email sales@james-neale.co.uk

Planning Permission


A conservatory is known as a permitted single storey extension to your home and, what this means in practice, is that you will not need planning permission to complete the project. But there are limits and conditions. Falling foul of these could present you with some issues.

What you need to know:


Building regulations


These regulations apply when you make an extension to your North Wales property but conservatories are exempt from some of these regulations:


Energy efficiency


There is a lot of talk and action around improving the energy efficiency of our homes. With the price of non-renewable energies increasing year on year, homeowners need to take action on making their properties as energy efficient as possible.

Conservatories, although popular, many early examples were badly designed and constructed; as a result, they became a serious drain on the energy of a house as a whole.

The key to ensuring maximum energy efficiency and not to lose heat through the conservatory is the provision of a double glazed door between the main property and the conservatory so that it can be closed off at night and on colder, winter days.

If you want an open feature than a conservatory is not the solution. You will need to invest in a well-designed and insulated extension.

This is not a definitive guide to planning permissions and building regulations but rather a quick summary. If you want more information, as well as a competitive quotation for any building project including a conservatory, sunroom and so on, call James Neale.

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