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8 ways for smarter energy use (and a way of saving £407* a year)

Posted on by Gwyneth

Being more energy efficient doesn’t mean sitting in the dark with a candle and bathing once a month. The smallest of changes can have an impact and, when you add it all up, it can make a difference.


Electrical appliances – switch off standby


There are all kinds of gadget, gamin consoles and appliances in the home that the manufacturers tell us are better left on standby. However, with the need for smarter energy consumption very much apparent, turning off these items can represent a saving that is not be sniffed at.

Follow manufacturer’s guidelines about leaving items plugged in, but switched off at the unit.

£30 a year

In the kitchen – smarter use


There are all kinds of things you can do in the kitchen to use energy smarter. Why not try…?

·         Use a washing up bowl, instead of washing pots under running water

·         Fill the kettle with the right amount of water you need

·         Cutback washing by one cycle a week saves on both water and energy

£50 a year

The bathroom


Showers, as we know, are far more efficient in terms of water consumption but you can up the ante when it comes to energy consumption too. There are many shower heads available that can help reduce the use of hot water.

Great in family homes, and even student accommodation, you can save on both gas and water combined.

£67 a year


Spend less time in the shower


This can be difficult in a household where you have teenagers that love the shower. However, spending one minute less each day will save off a small portion off your energy bill.

Multiply that for each member of the family and you have a significant saving. The saving is based on one person, showering for one minute less each time.

£10 a year

Hunt down draughts


Unless you live in an ultra-modern, air tight home, you will be losing heat through windows, doors, chimneys, gaps in floors and so on.

Double glazing helps to reduce energy bills dramatically but, if there are still single glazed windows in your property, gaps under doors and so on, simply taking some time to exclude these draughts will see you save cash.

£35 a year

Heat, heat, heat!


Who doesn’t love to be toasty warm in winter but, you need to be smart with the controls.

Do you really need that heat blasting out? Investing in a room thermostat as well as thermostatic radiators could see you save a significant amount each year. And, turn down the heat in the home by one degree will also add to the savings.

£165 a year

Lights, lights, lights!


Light emitting diodes, also known as LEDs, are now the energy efficient lighting to have in the home. Replace halogens and the old-fashioned bulbs with LEDs and watch your energy bill tumble.

£35 a year

Turn off the lights (when you don’t need them)


Probably the simplest of means to saving money is to turn off electrical stuff when not in use, and that includes lights.

£15 a year

Total savings per year:


Of course, savings can be more or less, depending on your individual circumstances, the size of your home, its current energy efficiency rating and your current energy consumption.

However, if you need more advice or are thinking of taking a bigger step in terms of smarter energy consumption, get the very best advice on your home improvement.

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