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HOW TO have a lush Wimbledon lawn

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Top ‘how to’ tips from James Neale & Son on how to have the perfect Wimbledon lawn.


Once again, the Wimbledon season is upon us and as we once again prepare to be amazed and staggered by volleys and serves, we may also spend a moment or two taking in our own lawn.

The green patches in the front and rear garden by the end of June, should be delightfully green.

However, the lawn can be an unpredictable thing; without due care and attention is can soon wilt in the heat of summer, looking parched and dusty. It is never too late to give your lawn a welcome boost.

So, as we head in to summer, what can you do to save your lawn?

If you haven’t already done so, rake the lawn with a spring rake but don’t be too harsh or you will tear it. The idea is to remove winter debris, leave and other detritus clogged in between clumps of grass.

Bare patches attract weeds so as soon as you see one, re-seed it with a good quality grass seed and water regularly.

Top tip – to stop birds eating the seed, use a light fleece of polythene cover over it

Don’t start mowing the lawn until it is at least 1cm in height. In summer, the ideal height for an all-purpose law is 2.5cm.

The worst job about mowing the lawn can be raking up the grass clippings but, according to experts, you should leave these clippings on the law as they release up to 30% of the nutrients your law need.

Top tip – Spot a weed? Dig it out with a narrow trowel

Just like you feed your flowers to promote growth, you should feed you lawn a good quality feeding product. However, not only does over-feeding promote huge growth it can also make these areas prone to disease.

If your lawn has performed poorly over the summer months, suffering in the heat and lack of water, in early April, rake and sow a good quality seed. However, make sure that all the dead moss and so on is removed first as this inhibits growth too.

Dry spells of weather can spell disaster for the lawn. Providing there are restrictions or hose pipe bans, your lawn would appreciate a drop of water every now and then too.

Excessive footfall or use of your lawn can cause bear patches too thus, stepping stones or other kind of paving can be helpful in creating a path that doesn’t damage the lawn.

With a little bit of care, your lawn can look Wimbledon perfect!

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