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Skilled craftsmanship

Posted on by Gwyneth

Some building projects are bigger than others, but no matter how big or small, the impact can be huge. Making a difference in the way you live in and enjoy your home is something we love doing;

‘Thank you so much for everything. We have been so pleased with all that you have done, and appreciated such outstanding service. Your company is a credit to you, from your professionalism at the quotation stage, the cordiality of your office staff, to the politeness and efficiency of your craftsmen. We will recommend you to everyone. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and  we will look forward to using you again’

Kind regards, Heidi York

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Efficient, polite and skilled

Posted on by Gwyneth

There are many factors to look for in a building firm and we know that looking after our customers is priority.

‘Thank you for a job well done. I’m very pleased and thanks also to the workmen for their kindly, polite and efficient attitude’ – Helen Leigh

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Care & attention

Posted on by Gwyneth

Considering having work done on your property? Finding the right building specialist can be difficult but not when you come to us;

‘We thank you for the commitment demonstrated by your firm and especially the care and attention shown by Andy in all works undertaken through the build, including his willingness to meet our requests.’ – Nest & Alan Reid

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Happy with every aspect

Posted on by Gwyneth

Whether the job is big or small, completing it on time and to a high standard is something we do every time.

‘All staff involved with the lead up to completion of task were very helpful, friendly and obliging. The fitters were very professional and took great care not to create any undue mess and I am happy with every aspect of the company.’ – Dennis Williams

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Professional service

Posted on by Gwyneth

Whether its a repair to double glazing, or adding a much-needed extension to your home, you need professional, knowledgeable home improvement firm… and this is exactly what this customer thinks of us!

‘Thank you for undertaking this job in a prompt, professional and satisfactory manner.’ – Peter Harlow

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Great feedback

Posted on by Gwyneth

We love to hear from our customers. Receiving feedback is a great way of learning how we can improve our service, as well as the products that we offer. Take a look at what people have been saying:

‘We are delighted with the work carried out and the workman was very pleasant and tidy in his work!’ – Jean Mottershead

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Adding light to an extension

Posted on by Gwyneth

Are you planning on adding much needed living space to your Llandudno home?


If so, you want as much space as you can, and you want the best design too. There are all kinds of additions and improvements you can make to maximise the extension.


And one area that can make a huge difference to how a space feels and acts is light. Who doesn’t love sunlight flooding in through the window? Not only does it lift the spirits but it also make the space so much warmer and bigger.


When it comes to natural day light however, windows you may be surprised to learn, are not the only choice…


Here at James Neale, we have been helping customers capture as much natural light as possible, with the inclusion of sun tunnels or tubes in their properties. Easy to fit, this simply piece of technology can add around 60 watts of natural light in to a room per tunnel – so three sun tunnels would make an additional 180 watts in a room!


Simply, yet effective


Daylight is captured and then bounced down the sun tunnel into the room below. There are many Llandudno homes that may need the lights on even in the day time but the fitting of a sun tunnel could change all that.


Where can sun tunnels be used?


Perhaps you have a dark spot in the hallway or the stairwell or maybe you just like the idea of more light in an awkwardly lit spot.

Sun tunnels are fixed with an outer ‘window’ on the roof which captures the light that bunces down to the tube into the kitchen, hallways, lounge, dining room, bedroom and so on. In fact, you can place them more of less anywhere in your Llandudno home.


Suitable for businesses too


They are not just for the home but make a great addition in any business too. Again, the cost of installation is off-set by the fact that you can switch the electric light off more often. You will only really need these on during very dull, dark wintery days.



Installation is quick and not as intrusive or stressful as you may think. Why not call us today on 01492 545514?

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What is a sun tunnel?

Posted on by Gwyneth

And is this something that could be used at your Colwyn Bay home?


The sun tunnel is an invention that provides dark corners and spots in the home with much needed natural light. Harnessing the simplest of physics and design, you home could be illuminated quickly and simply with this great invention.

What is a sun tunnel?

Sun tube, sun tunnel, sky tube, solar light tube or tunnel, light tunnel and so on are all names for the same thing. Different brands call their products different names but the purpose behind them is the same – the provision of more natural light in difficult to light places, without the need to add electrical lighting.

The idea behind a sun tunnel is to capture sunlight and daylight and reflect down a plastic or reflective aluminium tube into the room or space below. A simple concept that could make a massive difference to your Colwyn Bay home or business.

Two choices


In essence there are two choices to make – either a rigid sun tunnel or a flexible one. Both have been created to fit the different buildings that can be found across the town and surrounding areas.

We all know that in a property there can be an awkward space, with poor or awkward access to the roof space. In this instance, the flexible sun tunnel is the best option.

Rigid sun tunnels, simply because they are straight, bounce more light in to a space that its flexible tunnel counterpart and can be more expensive.

Worth the investment?


Sun tunnels work. They can give surprising and very welcome results in spaces that can be dark and awkward to light. They are safe and secure, requiring little if any maintenance and when fitted by a professional company with experience of this simple, yet effective ‘technology’, the results are guaranteed.

How much light you get from them depends ton two factors:

How much light can I gain?

Different manufacturers measure their sun tunnel outputs in different ways but as a guide, each tunnel can cast the equivalent of a 60 watt bulb. This will vary on a daily basis, size of tube and so on but, you will have more light in any space where a sun tunnel is fitted.

Want to know more? Sun tunnels are a great way of adding light in to a home and here at James Neale we only use the highest quality sun tunnels from the well-known manufacturer, Velux. Call us on 01492 545514 for a free, onsite quotation.

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Planning a conservatory at your North Wales home?

Posted on by Gwyneth

Permitted Development Rights in Wales differ slightly to those in England thus, if you are planning on adding or altering a conservatory at your North Wales home, it pays to know what you can and cannot do.

New regulations came in to force on 30 September 2013 which brought about some of these changes. You can access householder and technical guides of the Welsh Government website; alternatively, call James Neale on 01492 545514 or email sales@james-neale.co.uk

Planning Permission


A conservatory is known as a permitted single storey extension to your home and, what this means in practice, is that you will not need planning permission to complete the project. But there are limits and conditions. Falling foul of these could present you with some issues.

What you need to know:


Building regulations


These regulations apply when you make an extension to your North Wales property but conservatories are exempt from some of these regulations:


Energy efficiency


There is a lot of talk and action around improving the energy efficiency of our homes. With the price of non-renewable energies increasing year on year, homeowners need to take action on making their properties as energy efficient as possible.

Conservatories, although popular, many early examples were badly designed and constructed; as a result, they became a serious drain on the energy of a house as a whole.

The key to ensuring maximum energy efficiency and not to lose heat through the conservatory is the provision of a double glazed door between the main property and the conservatory so that it can be closed off at night and on colder, winter days.

If you want an open feature than a conservatory is not the solution. You will need to invest in a well-designed and insulated extension.

This is not a definitive guide to planning permissions and building regulations but rather a quick summary. If you want more information, as well as a competitive quotation for any building project including a conservatory, sunroom and so on, call James Neale.

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8 ways for smarter energy use (and a way of saving £407* a year)

Posted on by Gwyneth

Being more energy efficient doesn’t mean sitting in the dark with a candle and bathing once a month. The smallest of changes can have an impact and, when you add it all up, it can make a difference.


Electrical appliances – switch off standby


There are all kinds of gadget, gamin consoles and appliances in the home that the manufacturers tell us are better left on standby. However, with the need for smarter energy consumption very much apparent, turning off these items can represent a saving that is not be sniffed at.

Follow manufacturer’s guidelines about leaving items plugged in, but switched off at the unit.

£30 a year

In the kitchen – smarter use


There are all kinds of things you can do in the kitchen to use energy smarter. Why not try…?

·         Use a washing up bowl, instead of washing pots under running water

·         Fill the kettle with the right amount of water you need

·         Cutback washing by one cycle a week saves on both water and energy

£50 a year

The bathroom


Showers, as we know, are far more efficient in terms of water consumption but you can up the ante when it comes to energy consumption too. There are many shower heads available that can help reduce the use of hot water.

Great in family homes, and even student accommodation, you can save on both gas and water combined.

£67 a year


Spend less time in the shower


This can be difficult in a household where you have teenagers that love the shower. However, spending one minute less each day will save off a small portion off your energy bill.

Multiply that for each member of the family and you have a significant saving. The saving is based on one person, showering for one minute less each time.

£10 a year

Hunt down draughts


Unless you live in an ultra-modern, air tight home, you will be losing heat through windows, doors, chimneys, gaps in floors and so on.

Double glazing helps to reduce energy bills dramatically but, if there are still single glazed windows in your property, gaps under doors and so on, simply taking some time to exclude these draughts will see you save cash.

£35 a year

Heat, heat, heat!


Who doesn’t love to be toasty warm in winter but, you need to be smart with the controls.

Do you really need that heat blasting out? Investing in a room thermostat as well as thermostatic radiators could see you save a significant amount each year. And, turn down the heat in the home by one degree will also add to the savings.

£165 a year

Lights, lights, lights!


Light emitting diodes, also known as LEDs, are now the energy efficient lighting to have in the home. Replace halogens and the old-fashioned bulbs with LEDs and watch your energy bill tumble.

£35 a year

Turn off the lights (when you don’t need them)


Probably the simplest of means to saving money is to turn off electrical stuff when not in use, and that includes lights.

£15 a year

Total savings per year:


Of course, savings can be more or less, depending on your individual circumstances, the size of your home, its current energy efficiency rating and your current energy consumption.

However, if you need more advice or are thinking of taking a bigger step in terms of smarter energy consumption, get the very best advice on your home improvement.

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