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If your loft is not being used to it's full potential, you could be wasting a golden opportunity to unveil a hidden asset. At the moment it may only be used for storage purposes, yet with a little imagination and the help of our professional expertise, your loft could be transformed into a versatile, usable living space.

As with the conservatory and orangery option, converting a loft doesn't necessarily have to be a daunting task and in every sense, it is an investment that can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Loft conversions can vary greatly both in cost and make-up depending on the size and shape of the roof with simple roof shapes being easier to convert, but also a lot depends on how you choose to use the new living space.

Roofs of properties built before the 70's are perfect for loft conversions seeing as they usually had reasonably steep pitches and clear spaces between the supporting framework. After 1965, roofs used widely in Britain often had a shallower pitch with more struts and as a result are tend to be more difficult to convert.

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Velux Roof and Dormer Windows

Velux and Dormer windows can add a certain elegance to any loft conversion depending on the internal height of your loft and add much needed light and ventilation.

Flat roof windows can also be installed to really illuminate and open the space.

Velux Window

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